MCP Strata Management is a boutique strata management company founded by Cristina Penedo, a Licensed Real Estate and Strata & Community Managing Agent with years of experience in the Property Sector.



At MCP Strata Management our aim is to have a “boutique strata management” and provide the best professional, courteous and personalized service to each and every one of our blocks. This will be achieved by our actions which will be guided by customer service principles that are based on feedback from the industry and our clients on how they would like to be serviced. 

We pride ourselves in having achieved this by winning the trust and loyalty of many satisfied customers. 

We have a very select portfolio, were the manager working together with the owner’s corporation is in control of any strata issues.

MCP Strata Management is a firm believer in communications; therefore, we will keep you informed at all times of any new issues happening in the property.

Our company director has 20 years’ experience in managing big and small strata blocks and has noted where other agents fail to deliver, and that is, in customer service and this support.

Behind the director there is a team of professional encompassing accountants, another fully licensed strata manager and a maintenance manager, everyone focuses on their expertise which results in delivering a quality service. MCP Strata prides themselves on keeping a small tight knit team, so that when contacting them you will receive the quality service you need and you won’t be lost in a big organization and become a number waiting for a general service. 
We treat our customers as we would like to be treated, with respect.

The principal is a member of the Strata Community Australia (NSW). Being an active member, we attend all seminars provided by the institute and these educate us and keep us informed of up-to-date information in all strata related matters.